Thursday, April 17, 2008

Burg's N. 6 Street National Sawdust Rubble

National Sawdust Demo Porn

Fans of demolition porn have been enjoying some serious action on N. 6 Street and Wythe, where the long process of bringing down the National Sawdust Building so it can be replaced by condos has been going on for a while. The reason it's taking so long is that 67 N. 6 Street has had a Stop Work Order since March 3 for, in the all caps words of the Department of Buildings, "MECHANICAL DEMO WITHOUT A PERMIT. NO DUST CONTROL. SIDEWALK OBSTRUCTED. DANGEROUS BUILDINGS, PLACES AND THINGS." There are no applications for a new building on the site yet. The property was long the site of what we like to call the "Faile Wall," which played host to an ever-changing array of street art.

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