Thursday, April 10, 2008

Poetic Development: Ode to a Developer

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Ode to a Developer

Jesus never walked so tall,
Nor I so infinitesimally small
Next to you, My dear.

The oceans never waved so high,
Nor seagulls touched the starlit sky
As high as you, My dear.

Thunder never rang so loud,
Nor lightning struck upon the crowd
Like you upon me, My dear.

My dear, You are earthly supremacy,
Peacock and strut
Loud and belligerent,
May you fall on your butt
I'll be waiting right here
Next to you, My Dear.
--c. 2008 Graziella Radici

(GL Contributor Graziella Radici resides in the Greater Carroll Gardens/Gowanus Metroplex.)

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