Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Broken Angel Sold & Saved: Will Become Condos

It's official, the Clinton Hill landmark, Broken Angel, has been sold and will be developed as condos. Creator Arthur Wood will work to design the new development. The move toward a sale had been reported over the last two weeks. The new figure in the Broken Angel saga is Shahn Andersen (although an email from Chris Wood that arrived at midnight refers to him as "Shaun" Andersen). An empty lot next door will also be developed as "arts space." Mr. Wood says he feels it is the "best opportunity" to work on the design and keep the "spirit and details of Broken Angel intact." We assume that is Mr. Andersen with Mr. and Ms. Wood in the photo from onebadapple above. Here is the full text of Mr. Wood's statement:
My parents signed an agreement with Shaun Andersen, a local developer on Saturday. This agreement will remove the threat of demolition by the Department of Buildings. Our thanks to Letitia James, Brent Porter, Peter Grossman and Zerlize Goodman for their help in overseeing and mediating the agreement. Under the terms of the agreement my father will work with Shaun to redesign and develop Broken Angel as condominiums. The sale of these condominiums will pay for the work that is necessary to bring the building to code and allow my father to see his vision realized and completed. In addition a second building will be created at 8 Downing Street (the lot next door) that will become an arts space. My father chose to work with Shaun because from their previous friendship, he felt that given the current circumstances, this collaboration would offer him the best opportunity to contribute to the design of the building and keep the spirit and details of Broken Angel intact. A show of photographs and my father’s plans for the original and the re-envisioned Broken Angel are currently on display at Higgens Hall at Pratt.
Text of the message with the photos is on onebadapple's flickr page.

The reenvisioned Angel, a drawing of which appears above right, includes a rotating whale at the top and a "Sunflower House." We truly hope the partnership goes well and that Broken Angel is indeed saved rather than turned into a brand name for yet another pricey development. Done right, it will become an even more significant Brooklyn landmark.

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Clarification: Mr. Andersen, in a comment left below, writes "The property was not sold. Arthur Wood and I are going to work together to renovate Broken Angel and rebuild it taller and more elaborate than it is now."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But is this actually a "sale"? The statement just says that he's working with the developer.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it me or does Sha*n look young? (or am I just old?)

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The property was not sold. Arthur Wood and I are going to work together to renovate Broken Angel and rebuild it taller and more elaborate than it is now. I wish Chris had used a more flattering photo of me....LOL.

9:38 AM  

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