Thursday, March 06, 2008

McCarren Park "Yankee Stadium Lights" Turned Off

McCarren Park at Night

This is McCarren Park, as seen from Union Street at Bayard on Tuesday night in a photo sent to us by blogger Bad Advice. The lights were being tested and were left on all night and into yesterday afternoon, but we can report they were turned off at some point last night, possible after a lot of calls to 311 and their appearance on Curbed. Regardless, they promise some bright, bright nights around the park. They were installed recently around the running track and soccer field across Bayard Street from the expensive condos on Karl Fischer Row. Here is an email we got about them yesterday, from a neighbor, but not someone living in the new Karl Fischer Row condos:
The McCarren Park Flood Lights around the field are finally installed and were turned on last night. All six of them (looks like Yankee stadium). But quite interestingly they have been on all night and all day today. What is the cut off time is my question?

Last night I couldn't get a wink in because the lights flooded our apt. Indeed. incredibly bright...At 5 am, I called 311 to complain to find no number that we could call to get them turned off. Just a women saying that they have to resolve the situation in 10 days. 10 days of this and I will be going nuts. Curtains just don't cut it.

They are still on now. A waste of electricity!!! Last night it was pelting with ice at 3am. If any of those bulbs busted, that's precious tax payers money. I guess it would have been good for us residents if the lights busted anyway.
The lighting plan has apparently been in place for years, long before the condos of Karl Fischer Row were ever built. We wonder how many buyers were told they'd be lighting up the night outside.

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