Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Comic Relief: Gehry Road Tests Undulating Form of Mr. Flatbush Avenue

The following is intended as commentary and has nothing to do with real starchitects and anything they have said:

Stung by criticism of Miss Brooklyn, Frank Gehry has announced that he is testing a new concept at Atlantic and Flatbush Avenue, where the "grand entrance" to the Atlantic Yards project will be located. In keeping with the real Brooklyn theme originally sought with Miss Brooklyn, the new structure is tentatively named Mr. Flatbush Avenue, although The Up Yours Building and The Yo' I'm Mad Tall Building are also under consideration. Mr. Gehry said the organic, yet post-industrial, form of razor wire was both "very Balboa and very Brooklyn at the same time."

Mr. Gehry said he was particularly stung by criticism of the wooden scaffolding design element in front of the former Miss Brooklyn and that he hoped the razor wire was more in keeping with the local flavor.

Atlantic Yards V.3.0 is expected shortly. (In all seriousness, another view from the street--a great number of which are available at the Atlantic Yards site--is below.)


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