Friday, July 28, 2006

The War for Brooklyn: A User's Guide

This week's Time Out New York has a cover story near and dear to our hearts. Titled "The War for Brooklyn," the package of stories takes a close look at the fight over the futures of several neighborhoods and at several projects: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Gowanus, Downtown, Bed-Stuy, the Williamsburg-Greenpoint Waterfront, Red Hook and, of course, Atlantic Yards. (The links will take you to the individual sections without having to login.)

There's also an accompanying item about "The Embeds," some of the blogs and bloggers covering the various fights over the borough's future. Specifically "intrepid bloggers" that "send continual dispatches from the front lines." (We covered the war in the Balkans for a short spell, long before anyone coined the phrase embeds. Brooklyn's a way more low-key gig. We haven't been shot at yet, only asked to stop taking photos.) Gowanus Lounge is one of the Brooklyn embeds mentioned as are B61 Productions, the Brooklyn Record, Brownstoner, Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, Planet PLG and Set Speed. (There are some embeds doing excellent work that were missed: Atlantic Yards Report, No Land Grab, Dope on the Slope and Sunset Parker to name a few--and we know we're leaving some good ones out too. That's the problem with our little Brooklyn Blogade--we're already pretty large in number.)

Of GL, Time Out says: "A smart, open-minded and far-ranging blog, equally comfortable with old-school pleasures like the Dance of the Giglio and analysis of development and gentrification issues." Shucks.

The War for Brooklyn is a great package about a whole lot of the issues and places that collectively speak to the future of Brooklyn.


Anonymous Sonja said...

congrats on the Time Out shoutout...

4:21 PM  
Anonymous NoLandGrab said...

You're right -- it's an excellent overview.

However, one correction is warranted:

TONY claimed that the renters in the Atlantic Yards footprint lost their leases or their leases were bought.

That just isn't true, as reported by Atlantic Yards Report.

Oh, and thanks GK for the honorable mention.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Generally it was good to see that the mainstream press is reconizing there is opposition to over development...perhaps politicians will begin to recognize it too - but they let a few grossly inaccurate comments stand like DDDB/Opponents of Atlantic Yards want no development of the area.

8:43 AM  

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