Monday, October 30, 2006

Brookvid: The Final Days of Williamsburg's Old Dutch Mustard

It is painful to watch the Old Dutch Mustard Company building on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg being demolished by Steiner Equities to make way for a new development. To us, Old Dutch was one of the nicer industrial buildings in Williamsburg. A chimp could have looked at it and understood how it could have been renovated. Instead, the developer is perpetrating an act that is nothing short of cultural vandalism and a sad obliteration of history.

Are we ranting? Perhaps. Are we overreacting? Not at all. Destroying the Old Dutch Mustard building is the cultural equivalent of an act of violence, and symbolic of what is happening to Williamsburg as a whole. (We rarely toss around shrill statements like these, but Old Dutch is a demolition that has crossed the line in our eyes.)

If you are interested in what's left of Old Dutch, you can click on this link or check out the embed below. We shot the vid yesterday in the howling wind, so there's no sound.


Blogger therese said...

thanks for posting this. i lived in an illegal sublet on n 1st and wythe back in the late 90s. the old dutch mustard and imperial plating were my two favorite buildings of all time. as i walked home from relish last night, i saw that the old dutch mustard co. was gone. i'm really depressed, this has become so out of hand. before long it will be nothing but luxury condos to look at. fucking bastards.

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