Thursday, October 26, 2006

Into "the Bowels" of Brooklyn

Attention Park Slopers: You are living in "the bowels of Brooklyn."

At this point, we're tempted to say, no shit. Or to ask: If Park Slope is "the bowels" what in God's name is Mill Basin? But we won't. Instead, we'll say that we're always amused to see how non-Brooklynites treat a trip to Brooklyn and also note that we've taken "The Bowels" thing completely out of context. We came across this colonic reference to Park Slope in post on blog called Petite Style. The blog entry is actually called "Fieldtrip to Brooklyn." Here's a taste:
On Monday night, my roommate Vic and I went over the bridge and into the bowels of Brooklyn…Park Slope. Okay so Park Slope is a lot closer to Manhattan than say Red Hook or Coney Island but any area that requires a subway going above ground to get there is pretty damn far.

We went to go meet our lovely friend Sabs and her boyfriend from out of town Tobi for dinner at Blue Ribbon. I was so surprised to see how gentrified this area had become. About 4 years ago, I used to date a guy who lived on 5th ave in Park Slope and the dining options were limited to bodegas and Chinese takeout joints with neon signs and pictures of the entrees posted on the window. When I was walking down 5th ave to look for the restaurant, I barely recognized the old neighborhood until I saw Loki bar on the corner. This was the only bar we’d go to because it was basically the only bar in the neighborhood at the time. Gone are the guys in leather jackets and drinking Old English out of brown paper bags. They’ve been replaced by a New York Sports Club, sushi restaurants, and a Commerce bank. I guess a tree really does grow in Brooklyn.
Always interesting to see how non-Brooklynites view the borough.


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