Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cool Stuff: Launches


If you read Gowanus Lounge regularly (and huge thanks if you do), you might remember a website called that we posted about a month or so ago. We had found it after noticing some readers coming our way through it. We put up a post about it, then took it down after creator Stephen Johnson emailed to say we wandered in through a door that wasn't supposed to be open and that he'd passworded the site. No point in the post at that point. As a consolation, he gave us a user id and password so we could privately poke around the site until it went live.

The site is now up and open and it's quite interesting. The gist of is that it allows you to view blog posts by typing in a zip code or by simply moving around a Google map. Since its creators live in Brooklyn, the startup is pre-stocked with Brooklyn content. The trick is that users can add items and tag them, so that the site should be very cool and very useful after a while.


Blogger Third Street said...

I just discovered this yesterday. Thanks to Hugh Crawford. It's great and we're all over it if you type in 11215. Louise otbkb

11:39 AM  

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