Sunday, December 24, 2006

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craiglist: Maybe You Noticed Me Stalking You?

Our Sunday featured Brooklyn Craigslist Missed Connection never rests. Not even on Christmas Eve. What better place to turn on this day before Christmas for a taste of love, comedy and pathos, than the local Barnes & Noble? In this case, that hotbed of ships passing in the night, not to mention moms with SUV stollers, the Park Slope branch.
Park Slope Barnes and Noble - m4w - 27
This is crazy, because you most likely won't read this. However, I just have to write it. You are the girl with the blonde hair who has been reading in the cafe for the last few days. I'm the guy who is completely knocked off balance by your presence! I come there to study and concentrate yet, all I do is think about how to approach you. You drive me crazy. I'm sure you noticed my "stalking" you. I hope you are 'into' me too, and, hope against all odds, that you read this. I finally mustered the courage to approach you but it seemed like you were on the phone..yikes. If you read this, do reply! We might just be for each other! (you are breaking my heart already, and we haven't even exchanged a word...g-d have mercy)
So, like, was she on the phone to dodge the stalker secret admirer? Or was she really on the phone? Hmm.


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