Saturday, June 23, 2007

Remember Stoopendous Tonight in Park Slope

Park Slopers are invited to go outside today and have parties and other activities and, then, at 8:31PM make a lot of noise. It's all because of what's called Stoopendous. OTBKB has great details about some of today's event up this morning and here's some verbiage from the website, which is loaded with info:
Join your neighbors on Saturday, June 23, for a STOOPendous party that is as big as the Slope! Mark the start of summer with your neighbors on your own stoops and sidewalks. Celebrate the summer solstice, the day when planet earth enjoys the most sunlight during the year...Your celebration can occur any time of day, but at 8:31 pm, when the sun sets, the All-Slope-Solstice-Shout-Out will start. Use kazoos, bang pots and pans, swing bells, or play drums. Make a racket to bid farewell to the sun's long day and to ring in the new season. Or sing to the sun.
We believe a lot of kazoos have been given out to residents by the Park Slope Civic Council.



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