Monday, November 19, 2007

Fart Fest #3: Dear Verizon... Give Us Our Phones Back

Verizon Sign One

Anyone who wonders why Brooklynites live in fear of waking up to find the building next door to them is coming down and a new one is going up, need look no further than the neighbors of 5 Roebling in Williamsburg to understand why. The demolition of 5 Roebling was halted by the Department of Buildings for being "unsafe," but not before the neighbors lost phones and (gasp) internet. They have been communicating with us intermittently from alternate locations and via wireless devices, for instance, to pass along a photo over the weekend of work going on in possible disregard of the Stop Work Order. The sign here asks Verizon to restore service and to bill the demolition contractor, beneath which someone has written, "This is incoherent--Verizon." Perhaps billing a third party for damage is outside the corporate lexicon.

Verizon Sign Two

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