Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boerum Hill Assoc. Wants Times Plaza Post Office Replaced

From the Boerum Hill Association comes an email calling for the replacement of the Times Plaza Post Office, the frustrations of which we featured in two posts (here and here) earlier this week. Here is the email making the rounds from the Boerum Hill Group:
The Times Plaza Post Office has been a source of neighborhood anger and frustration for decades now. Long lines, unprofessional staff, and of course, undelivered packages. BHA volunteers and many others have met with Times Plaza managers over the years (nobody seems to last long) and our elected officials. We are always promised improvements, but fixes, if any, are modest and short-lived.

For this reason the BHA now demands that Times Plaza be replaced. The facility was outgrown decades ago, but because USPS only rents the space, they cannot make the changes necessary to run it efficiently.Continued neighborhood growth, plus Atlantic Yards, will only make the situation worse. We've been patient for 30 years. It's time to start fresh.

To make this a reality, turn your anger into action by taking the yearly BHA Post Office Survey, available here. We will organize the results and begin a public relations blitz to the media and our elected officials insisting that we cannot continue to have the worst post office in the city. We started this survey back in 2003 to give us hard data on the magnitude of the problems at Times Plaza. Each time we repeat it we strengthen our case that the problems are not getting fixed, and every response gives us a louder voice.

Thank you in advance for your help in this effort. Together we will one day have a real post office. The kind that delivers packages, restocks its stamp machine, and treats its customers with respect. Please spread the word.
Should be an interesting conversation.

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