Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mulching Day: See Ya Little Christmas Tree

Doug to the Mulcher

Mulching Day is one of very mixed emotions for GL. On the one hand, our Christmas tree is mulched and we know it is being recycled in a good way. On the other, it's sad to take down the decorations, strip off the lights, drag one's tree out, take it to the mulch site and watch it get shoved through a chipping machine. Regardless, Mulchfest continues today through 2PM at a variety of locations around Brooklyn (and the Sanitation Department is also recycling trees left out on the curb through January 13). You can find the full list of locations we publish last week, here and the Parks Department citywide list of locations here. Things were very busy when we went yesterday.

Mulchfest One

Mulchfest Two

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