Sunday, February 24, 2008

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: Miles, Twilight Zone & Timothy Leary on the L

We don't know what was up on the L Train on Thursday, but clearly something was in the air. In looking for our weekly Sunday Brooklyn Craigslist Missed Connection, we found these two posts that were made with the same 24-hour time span:
Twilight zone serenade on the L train Thurs Eve - w4m - 30
I first noticed you when we were both waiting for the train at Union Sq. I was the blonde with far too many bags and I think you had something yellow on. We made eye contact accidentally but when I saw your eyes, I thought you were stunning. Stupidly I panicked and adopted the hipster code of feigned indifference.

When the Brooklyn bound train arrived, we entered doors at opposite ends of the train but somehow met in the middle. I managed to get a seat by the pole and you stood in front of me. We both had books. Mine was the Subtle Knife part of a young adult Sci-fi series and yours was some serious looking fiction. I was too embarrassed to really look because you were inches away from me. Suddenly the train was full of sounds from the street musician. The mood changed...Miles Davis, twilight zone, then space talk. It was all very entertaining but not enough to distract me from your presence. I got off at Lorimer. You took my seat. Too bad I'm a shy girl. I didn't say a word. Hope to see you again.
And, then, there's this one:
L train 12:30 reading Your Brain is God--timothy leary! - w4m - 30
well, sure, you were cute--and the soul patch works, though i'm not sure flavor saver is appropriate so soon, though that would be just like me.

what i really want to share with you is that you seem like the perfect person to recommend one of the greatest kids' books to. have you ever read how to be a perfect person in three days? google has the book online, incidentally. my copy had a purple cover with a boy proudly touting a head of broccoli...and the cover of your book reminded me so much of it without being an ounce like it: it must deliver more perfection than perfection itself.

so, after all this babbling, if you're interested in getting to know the blonde (hah!) who wanted desperately to strike up that conversation but didn't have the confidence in her voice...get into my head. my brain is, after all, god--like you said.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is hysterical. i had no idea i, the second blonde, would ever make a splash. i never even post to CL missed connections in NYC =] just to an old love in another city.

2:00 PM  

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