Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sitt & Thor Make Coney Push for "208 Season"

Flea Markets

[Photos courtesy of Capt. Nemo/Coney Island Message Board]

It definitely looks like, having cleared amusements and tenants from their Coney Island land in 2007, developer Joe Sitt and Thor Equities are looking to generate some revenue from it in 2008. Whether this turns out to be good news for Coney Island remains to be seen--it depends on how successful Thor is and what they place on the property. Regardless, the tireless Coney Island Message Board member known as Capt. Nemo, who's constantly roaming Coney with his camera and conveying interesting news, noticed that more Sitt signs have gone up for stands and flea markets for the, uh, "208" season. (Other signs have already gone up, Capt. Nemo has noted.) This indicates two things: (1.) Less possible Sitt-created vacancy this year and (2.) Someone in Thor's leasing office should proofread the signs before putting the order through. It's unclear how popular "flea markets" on the land where Mr. Sitt demolished attractions will be, although the full plans (or lack thereof) for the land should become clear soon.



Anonymous Jeanne said...

Saw those signs during my visit to Coney yesterday afternoon and had a good laugh at the typo. It was my first time seeing, in person, all the land that Thor cleared. I was struck by how desolate the area seemed. I suppose in the winter that's not such a big deal, but it must be really pronounced during the summer. I can see why they stuck assorted attractions on that lot during the '07 season. (I'll refrain from mentioning that there were perfectly good attractions there until someone demolished them prior to the '07 season. Oops, wasn't going to say anything about that. My bad.)

10:49 AM  

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