Friday, March 07, 2008

Brookbit: Red Hot Edition

A Park Slope old timer--a gentleman who looks to be in his 70s--strolls down Seventh Avenue last night. He walks up to the shuttered Red Hot Szechuan at Tenth Street and see that it is closed. He clearly has dinner in mind. He stops and stares. He puts his face against the locked grate and looks inside. "Jesus Christ," he says out loud. "What happened to this fuckin' store? Jesus Christ." Eventually he walks off. A block later he is still shaking his head. "Jesus Christ," he says. So it goes in Week Two of Park Slope's Post-Red Hot Existence.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

RED HOT CLOSED?!?! Seriously, this neighborhood is going to shit. If a Dunkin Donuts opens in its place, or worse, one of those yuppie outposts, I'm officially out.

12:33 PM  

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