Sunday, March 02, 2008

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: Drunks, Dialectics & Lust on the L

For our Sunday Brooklyn Missed Connection this week, we again turn our attention to the L Train, starting with the dude who was passed out and could have ended up in (gasp) Canarsie:
To the Girl Who Woke Me Up on the L Train - m4w
It was close to 5 in the morning when you nudged me awake. The first thought to come to me as my eyes broke open to a flood of light with your face peering down on me was "an angel." My next thought was "this isn't my stop." I think we were at the Montrose or Morgan Avenue stop. You asked me if I was alright or something of that variation. I guess I was slouched forward with my head down, a typical drunk pose. I don't know what transpired or inspired you to wake me, but I just wanted to thank you. I would have been upset if I found myself in Canarsie again. Thank you!
We move on to the Marxism-related MC:
"Absolute collapse is still the goal of a totalizing ideology" - m4w - 24
Typical story: Wanted to say something but didn't. "Nice eyes" would have been creepo and "So you're reading about marxist theory" might have been worse. I wore black. I've never posted anything before but you had the biggest, gorgeousest eyes i might have ever seen. May the stars align, I guess. Hope to see you on the L again.
And end with a red coat and black "pentyhose":
Red dressed girl with black pentyhose on L train - m4w - 23
Red coat girl with black pantyhose and black hair - I got infatuated with you. That happened on the L train on Tuesday Feb 26th. We both took the train at night from 1st ave but you got out at Lorimer stop. It looked like short trip although I couldn't take my eyes off you. I was that blond guy dressed in black. So what do you think? So how about it?
Always fun on the L.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The girl just wants to be left alone with marx and engels for a while"

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