Monday, March 03, 2008

KeySpan Adds Exhaust Fumes to the Carroll Gardens Air

KeySpan Clean Air Vehicle

As if the MTA's asbestos removal work in Carroll Gardens wasn't enough fun over the weekend (an official explanation is pending), there is another small story to report from a neighborhood resident who emailed us about a KeySpan van (an "inherently low emission vehicle," no less), spewing exhaust fumes for hours. There is also a community relations angle to the tale. We will let our reader explain:
I left my house at 11:45AM, and this keyspan van was sitting in front. I came back at 2:00 and it was still there pumping out exhaust. I pointed it out to him and the driver just revved the engine pumping huge amounts of fumes at me and people walking by. When I flipped him off, he did it again and again... some "Clean Air Vehicle". I reported the incident to Keyspan.
Let's assume the fumes coming from the exhaust pipe are condensation because, you know, it's inherently a clean air vehicle. Is it still "inherently" clean when it sits idling for hours and the driver deliberately makes it spew more fume? We'll be curious to see if KeySpan responds to the complaint or cares.



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