Monday, March 03, 2008

Return to the Times Plaza Post Office: Not Fixed

We do love our Boerum Hill/Atlantic Avenue Times Plaza Post Office stories, particularly given the coverage we've done recently, for instance, here and here. So, here's a angry email from the Yahool Boerum Hill Group that would indicate that claimed service improvements may not be taking place:
had a horrendous, Third World experience at the Times Plaza on Friday afternoon Feb. 29th. Two boisterous customers yelling loudly to each other and to the clerk for fifteen minutes, while those of us trapped on the long line cringed. Two (or three at most) clerks working. No special line for package pickup. Very disgruntled customers, loudly commenting on the bad service.

When I left, I mentioned to the clerk at the door that I was amazed that no one had been murdered in there--the aggravation and the tension level was so high.

Then, on Saturday, we received incorrect mail meant for three other households. What happened to the promises made at the Boerum Hill meeting??
We will add to that this description from an email on the Park Slope Parents list about the famous Times Plaza Station, which fell into our inbox via a devoted reader:
I have never had a package or letter that needed to be signed for delivered by them! I can be at home, or the nanny can be at home, but they will not ring the bell so that you can sign for and accept your package. They just put a "redeliver" slip on the mail box and leave. Then when you sign the redeliver slip, they never pick it back up and never deliver your item! I was in an hour and a half line once again over the holidays, taking off work to sign for something that my nanny could have signed for at the time that they first came. I complained to a female manager, and four or five people around me in line were there for the very same reason, and they were all home at the time the postal person first came! The manager took our information, but nothing has changed....
Did the manager promise to keep tabs on things for signs of backsliding?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is time Gowanus Lounge, et al., clarify something.

All of the post offices in Brooklyn suck. Not just a little - a lot. All have outrageously bad customer service.

It's not just the Boerum Hill post office.

All will have one clerk working while two or three others seem to be standing around frozen in time. All have a large percentage of clerks who are surly and slow.

The Park Slope post office on 9th Street has come and gone through the same promises by officials.

I'm not saying don't try to change it, but nothing is going to change until someone far above the Brooklyn bureaucracy is brought into the loop.

1:10 PM  
Blogger JackSzwergold said...

Exactly what the anonymous poster above has said—and I have said—before as well.

I grew up in this city and NO Post Office has ever operated as it should outside of the main branches in the boroughs.

And please don't get hung up on superficialities like the way the place looks. Time Plaza doesn't look that bad. But heck even the Rockefeller Center Post Office looks nice but is filled with the same groups of people/workers randomly sniping at each other.

7:38 PM  

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