Sunday, March 02, 2008

Subway Asbestos Removal Leaves Carroll Gardens Breathless

Carroll Gardens Asbestos

There is nothing that gets the blood of neighbors flowing with more vigor than surprise asbestos-related work and trucks and dumpsters carrying signs warning of asbestos removal. Yesterday, around noon, our inbox started lighting up with photos and emails about asbestos removal going on at the Carroll Street Station on the F & G line in Carroll Gardens. There was a big semi-open dumpster with asbestos warnings at the corner of Second Street and Smith Street that alarmed neighbors. There was also a truck with asbestos signs parked in front of the station itself and cordoned off with yellow tape. Another truck was a block further down Smith Street. Service advisories called for signal work, which further alarmed neighbors. One email we got said, "The MTA is doing a real mickey mouse job of asbestos removal over here today at the F train/ Carroll Street Station...The MTA guys said they are doing "track work." When we strolled past around 3PM and took some photos, it looked like there was air monitoring equipment on the mystery truck, but no sign of debris being taken from the station or workers wearing respirators. People were strolling past the truck and the dumpster. One email that we found later in the evening that was sent out to local officials, including the Borough President and local City Council Member Bill de Blasio, said in part:
There seems to be a very strange (to say the least) asbestos removal operation going on here today at the subway by some MTA workers who say they are doing "track repair" (F train Carroll Street). I got home about an hour ago to see this dumpster on my street, Second Street, partially opened with all the cancer warnings all over it; to see workers with no hazard gear walking around in the subway plaza area with bags; to see this white unmarked truck on Smith street with more cancer warnings on it over by the subway; and to hear my very upset neighbor (a union worker with asbestos experience) who had just called the DEP. (He has two young children).

What is going on here and why does it look so poorly, improperly, and unprofessionally managed? Any child in the neighborhood could simply open the door to this asbestos dumpster and walk right in to play! Furthermore, this entire busy intersection is being unknowingly exposed to what exactly?
We'll have a follow up tomorrow.

Dumpster Open

White Asbestos Truck

asbestos removal f train

UPDATE: City Council Member Bill de Blasio emailed to say "We have connected with the MTA and are investigating the situation regarding the asbestos removal at the Carroll Street station. We are deeply concerned and will update the community as soon as we have more information. It is unacceptable that the asbestos removal occurred without the proper notification of the community. Our office is taking every step possible in order to get to the bottom of this."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, further down near the President entrance, no asbestos signs. Just signs that there are no trains and to take a shuttle bus with a tiny penned in location. Same with the Bergen stop. Amazing, if you don't walk 2 blocks down from your street what shit you miss. Thank you for this info.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you would actually spend more time reading the information on the walls in the station instead of complaining, you would have seen the ten day Public Notice that was posted.

10:24 AM  

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