Friday, March 28, 2008

Symphony of the 5:30AM Jackhammer in Prospect Heights

We love tales of construction work going on after or before hours. So we immediately gravitated to this post on the Prospect Heights forum on Brooklynian because it's titled "Jackhammering on Vanderbilt at 5:30AM":
who did this? why would you do this? 5:30 am and then at 7 am (when I had just gotten back to sleep). I think it was the diner- what is going on? why 5:30 am?
We will simply highlight the following "you're out of luck" response:
I live next to a full renovation in an adjoining brownstone, they are gutting and re-doing the first floor and basement and adding a huge 3 floor extension to the back. Time and again work has been done before and after legal hours during both weekdays and weekends. The first time this happened when they started work back in October the owner basically tried to absolve herself and said to speak with the contractor. They guaranteed they would not be doing any noisy work on the weekends. That did not last. I called 311 the first time and of course they sent an inspector hours after the weekend work was done and noted that the inspector saw no work being done and the complaint was dismissed. They stopped work during November - January due to a lack of funds supposedly but resumed in February and started working later and later. I called 311 again but nothing has been done in 3 weeks with the complaint even though the dept of buildings assigned the complaint to the "emergency response team". So basically whenever the noisy work persists after legal hours my wife and/or myself will go over to the site and tell them to stop. Usually they comply without a fight. So basically 311 has done nothing and probably never will in this case...
More people satisfied with the response on quality of life issues related to construction.

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