Saturday, April 19, 2008

Adoptable Brooklyn Cutie of the Week: Seven Up

Here's another adoptable pet of the week from the Brooklyn Animal Rescource Coalition (BARC) shelter in Williamsburg.

Seven Up

The cutie above is named Seven Up. Here some info about her:
This is "Seven Up". She was named for the seven puncture wounds she suffered, most likely caused by a dog attack. She's about 8 weeks old and very affectionate. One of the wounds punctured her ear canal, so she's unsteady on her feet and will be on antibiotics and cage rest for awhile. When she's ready for a new home she will be spayed and up to date with all her vaccinations. Seven Up and all the BARC Cat Loft cats (well, most of them anyway!) love to have visitors, so come by Tuesday-Saturday from Noon to 5.
For info on BARC click here.

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