Monday, March 03, 2008

PM Update: Explanation of Carroll Gardens Asbestos Removal

There was much agitation in Carroll Gardens on Saturday when signs indicating that asbestos removal was underway at the Carroll Street Station along with a truck with air monitoring equipment and a dumpster. Several people sent us photos of the dumpster, which was left open, but was later closed after resident complaints. We just got an email from Council Member Bill de Blasio's District Director Tom Gray with an explanation from the MTA of the work that went on, which we reported exclusively on Sunday. In addition, Mr. de Blasio has sent out statement saying that he is "troubled" the asbestos removal was done "without informing the local elected officials or any of the community boards or residents" and noting that he had been "in constant contact" with the MTA since GL posted the story on Sunday morning.

Here is the email with the explanation from the MTA's Andrew Inglesby:
In regards to Councilmember de Blasio's inquiries about the asbestos removal work that occurred this past weekend (March 1) near the Carroll Street F G station, please be aware that this was a NYC Transit asbestos removal project in three manholes along the F line south of the Carroll Street Station to facilitate battery and control cable replacement. The contractor was removing cable insulation, duct sleeves, duct seals and debris. The work started at midnight on Friday night and was completed at 7:15 pm on Saturday evening. The air monitoring consultant for the abatement project was on site at all times, and NYC Transit had asbestos monitoring personnel on site during the project. The final air monitoring results were below the NY State acceptable clearance level of 0.01 fibers/cc.

The only asbestos-related complaint was an alleged open dumpster at street level. The dumpster was checked by the NYC Transit representative, the contractor and the consultant and it was found to be closed. The NYC Department of Environmental Protection visited the site at 4:00 PM on Saturday, inspected the dumpster and noted no problems.

This project was finished on Saturday, March 1 and we will not be returning to the area for any similar work in the foreseeable future.
That's the "alleged open dumpster" in the photo. Mr. de Blasio added that "anytime that neighborhood residents might be exposed to a harmful substance like asbestos it is essential that the proper notification of the community take place." We'll have further comments from residents and any other statements in the morning.



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