Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ray of Hope for Broken Angel?

We don't know what this will amount to, but there is a meeting today between the city, the owner of Broken Angel and an architect who says he is "partnering with neighborhood artist Arthur Wood, 75, to save the unique building known as Broken Angel in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn." The name of the firm is Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture. We reported on the meeting yesterday over at Curbed, which heard from the architect.

What the email didn't address is the issue of money. While threatening to demolish Broken Angel (an act we personally view as tantamount to municipal vandalism), the city has also said it would work to bring the building up to code and, then, put a lien on it, essentially taking it from the owner. What the release says is that:
JPDA is working to develop a strategic master plan to not only bring the building up to code, but to fully realize Mr. Wood's dream to turn the site into a museum, atelier and vibrant cultural resource for the whole community.
So, the saga continues, but we hope this represents some positive movement to save Brooklyn's equivalent of the Watts Towers.

UPDATE: Chris Wood, the owner's son, reports that they are working with JPDA on a plan for the saving the building. However, the architect told the Daily News on Friday (10/27) that saving Broken Angel will come down to "time, labor and money." The city, meanwhile, is still speaking in terms of possible demolition, although the timeframe for a decision seems to have from three weeks to three months.

[Photo courtesy silk cut/flickr]

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